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The Culture Box is a new and unique concept in the Netherlands. Although the world is smaller than ever, in these times we see that the world is not always accessible when we want it to be. In order to still be able to get in touch with other cultures and to enjoy and learn about them whenever we want, we offer The Culture Box. A box full of typical, but also new and unique cultural elements from all over the world.

Order a completely new culture with one click and have it delivered to your home. The Culture Box offers a whole experience that is more than just a simple box. Learn in a new and unique way about another culture and enjoy a beautiful evening with your partner, family, or friends. Buy the box for a fantastic evening, to get to know a new culture, or to see if your beloved vacation country is a real match for you in terms of culture!

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Who are we?

About us - Learn in a new and unique way about new cultures

My name is Lou,

I am one of the co-founders of The Culture Box. This box was born for me out of a passion for travelling and the culture that comes with it. Immersing myself in the local culture of a small town or village is the coolest thing in the world! By taking you on a journey through the different cities of a country, we try to bring this authentic experience to your home. We deliver a unique cultural experience and of course a super fun evening!


My name is Pepijn Muller,

Co-founder of The Culture Box. Discovering different cultures and travelling through different countries all over the world gives me a lot of energy and satisfaction. From local markets to huge cities, each city or village has its own characteristics. With The Culture Box we want to bring this authentic experience to your home in a cultural way. We deliver a super entertaining box with a new unique culture to your living room.


Why did we start The Culture Box?

We started in January 2021 with a Minor in Digital Marketing at Hogeschool Tio in Utrecht. During this minor the intention was to start a business with a website/social media channel. Eventually we came to the idea of founding “The Culture box”. This idea came from the fact that during the period of Covid-19, people were unable to travel, and many were sitting at home.What we missed was the opportunity to travel in the years when it was still possible to do so, namely as students. We thought to ourselves, how nice would it be if we could experience a whole culture at home, without having to travel? So, we thought: Why not a box filled with cultural elements, instead of just food or drinks?!  With the well-filled Culture Box, we want to bring the experience of different cultures in a special way back into your living room!

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